October 25,2005…

ok ok ok I took a little time off to enjoy the surf and get some work done so we can do what we love most (surfing).The North Shore

has turned on and it was 15 feet the other day and the size is slowly going down as these days go by.Today when we went by Sunset

Beach it looks like the boys are setting up for the first big surf contest of the fall into winter season.The line up is still not bad yet

however the gang is on the way.Haleiwa has been a lot of fun this fall and we hope it will be a fun winter season surfing at Haleiwa

Beach Park.We will keep you up to speed on what is going on over here……Aloha Johnnie

November 11,2005

Life is very quiet on the North Shore this week.It is kind of like the calm before the storm.Flat today on the North Shore a little bump on the South

Shore but South will get a late swell tomorrow 3 to 6 feet and Thursday on the North Shore up to 10 feet.The Triple Crown will start Saturday and

we hope they will get off to a good start with the tail end of this new swell.We are seeing a lot of good surfing this fall and hope this winter will be big

and bad…..Aloha Johnnie

November 15, 2005

O what a difference a week makes.The Triple Crown had it’s opening ceremony four days ago and even though the contest did not go off the North Shore

was loaded with surfers and lookers alike.The crowd is in town and the town of Haleiwa is booming! The surf in the last few days has been small but all

time.Today Haleiwa was 4 to 6 with a 8 to 10 rolling through every 45 minutes or so.Lots of pro surfers were getting Haleiwa Ali’i Beach Park wired before

the contest.The forecast is calling for high surf advisory for all north facing shores.The next few days should be a blast.I will give you a on time up date after

surfing the next few days……Aloha Johnnie

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